Monday, 23 April 2012

Yesterday I went and purchased my first build items! I packed up my kiddos and went to breakfast...everyone needs some McD's hash browns before buying acetone right? I picked up some poly filla, PL foam adhesive, black spray paint, and looked desperately for a sure form shaver. At Canadian Tire. Then we jaunted on over to Rideau Home Lumber/Home Hardware which is where my good ole pop works. And picked up some acetone and grey drylok. I have to say, a woman marching 2 little girl children around a hardware store is slightly unnerving to all the men who work there. Especially when you say "I need a drywall rasp or the stanley sure form shaver." They blink, look scared and then translate the female voice into a male one so they can understand you.

My next step was to adhere the foam base pieces together and then insert the top of the stone into the base. Well I started off pretty good. I figured out how to get the PL into the gun thingy. And then...nothing. I squeezed, and pulled, and pushed. Nadda. Defeated I went to the house to ask my fiance how to work the gun thingy because I thought I must have done something wrong. Well despite it being the end of April-ish, last night it snowed 10 cm. And it had been pretty chilly in the garage. So my PL was a cold sludge. Ian (the fiance) then took the PL in the house to heat up a bit so I went ahead with ruining my stone. 

I really was not impressed with the chemical bubbling that happened with the acetone. I much preferred the look of the spray paint. I may be forced to get more creative. So now my stone is sitting in my garage drying up so I can get some drylok on it. I most definitely recommend banging around the foam a bit ahead of time. I think I might get my kids to play soccer with the next piece.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

So despite my really torn up hand I decided I would get creative yesterday. I used my feet to brace a lot of things and waited until my 9 year old was home to get some of the stuff done. First off I took an old drywall saw and cut out my base.Pictured above.

I was not at all acurate and I know I am going to have to fill in a bunch of spots with filler. But in the end I was happy the stone fit into the slots. I did two of these base pieces so my stone has a good sturdy bottom.

It's a good thing my helper had so many important calls to make. It kept her busy!

I then decided that I would get the lettering done come hell or highwater. I was in the zone and I really want to be able to get it glued together this weekend so I plunked it down on the living room table and got to work. I was having some issues with the heat on my rotary tool. As I was carving out the letters the tool got very hot and the heat started to effect the precision of the tool. I kept having to stop and wait for it to cool down. Which gave me time to dust bust all the foam that was flying around my living room. I wasn't sure about the silhouette I had hastily drawn on the top of the stone. But I really wanted to have a feeling that soemone had made the stone in their backyard to honor their departed pet. So I went with it. I left a bit of room at the top because I really would like to put some kind of dog collar wreath over it when I get it done.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

So I had hand surgery on April 12th. It sucked. A lot. They had to be more aggressive then they thought and I am currently suffering bruises to the end of my fingertips. Why does this suck so much you ask? Well I had to take a week off work and I don't get paid for sick leave. And I thought in all my spare time I would be able to craft up some props. Ya....NOT! Its been 6 days since the surgery and I can still barely make a fist. Not to mention I picked up a nasty bug in the hospital and have been coughing and wheezing non stop. I should've eaten my Wheaties that day I guess. I am also having rotary tool issues. I cant find the right attachment to carve out my letters. I have been practicing on an old piece of foam and nothing is coming out right. I guess I will have to wing it and hope for the best. Hopefully by this weekend I will have made some more progress on my Sydney stone and am hoping to get it glued together and the base put on this weekend. So stay tuned! 

Beware of Frankenhand!!!! I love the bruised knuckles...makes me look tough!