Friday, 9 August 2013

Halloween Wreath in Pictures

So I thought I would add the project I finished this morning. The pics are pretty self explanatory so I will add them in.

This is the wreath I made at my parents house.

 I did not spray paint it against my husband's wheelbarrow. I would be dead now if I had done that.

All the dollar store stuff I got! First shop of the season!

Twine cobweb. This was actually really annoying. The twine kept getting caught on all the curly cues and twigs.

Should have wrapped the ribbon around first...more annoying to get it around the cobweb.


 All done.

Ebenezer Nickerson

My new stone is called "Scrooge" because the epitaph is for a guy named Ebenezer. I actually took the whole epitaph off of as picture I found of a tombstone from New England. It is an actual guy!

Now I used my new hot foam tool for the lettering and...well it took some serious getting used to. I found that I really should've got the tool with the heat variance. It doesn't help that my husband bought me the wrong kind of foam. Through no fault of his own, just a lack of direction on my part.

Holy pink snow! I scraped and sawed and fussed with it and made a lot of a mess. The whole stone ended up being almost 5 feet high. I know that pretty huge and extreme but I really want a few BIG stones for the back of the display.

The bottom ended up being my undoing. I wanted a spot for some stand up battery tapers and possibly some pvc dripping candles if I ever get around to making those. The issue you ask? Nothing fit together nicely once I got it cut out. It has huge gaps and cracks that I tried to stuff with hunks of shaved off foam and wood filler. The lesson lots of putty and filler. There are still some cracks but I plan on filling a lot of them in with scrunched up plastic wrap and covering it with moss.

I was so excited to start putting drylok on it the other day and I opened my can and found...IT WAS RUINED. I called my husband in tears because I had more then half a can and it was SO expensive and I am 31 weeks pregnant and cry at shampoo commercials. He failed to mention that perhaps I should've taken my paint indoors during winter and not to have let it freeze. *facepalm*

So later that day I went to drop my oldest off with my Dad who works at Home Hardware, and asked about some glow in the dark paint. Turns out I also found my drylok on sale for $29.99 and got my Dad's discount! SCORE! So now I am starting the arduous task of painting every little nook and cranny with drylok!

Now whose idea was it to have so many tiny letters on this thing?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Annoyed Face

So I have officially made and glued and started distressing my new tombstone....wanna see it? WELL YOU CAN'T! Something happened when I went to download the pics and my WHOLE Halloween memory card was WIPED CLEAN! I lost every single one of my pictures. I tried all of the recovery techniques to no avail. So I will have to take pics of what I have accomplished so far and go from there. *sigh*

Here's my favorite YouTube video to give you something awesome to look know, because my pics are in heaven now.

Awesome rules

Monday, 13 May 2013

Howdy all my ghouls!

Well it was Mother's Day yesterday and my husband bought me....styrofoam! Yay! I have been busy planning my next stone for ages it seems but now that I have the materials I have to get serious. So I have been looking up colonial headstones with winged skulls. 

Something about the image is very scary for me. They look sinister and it gives me an open to be able to discuss tombstone symbols with my guests. The issue as I saw it was the detailing. I need to be able to get some clean defined lines in there and I had no idea how to do it. So I scoured my mentor's tutorials and TERRA *who is the master of foam stones* uses a hot foam tool to get the detail I was looking for. A quick Google search ushered me to a Canadian website *always a bonus*

They have a wide variety of foam carving material and I got myself a 2 inch hot engraver for $32. So now I am very excited to start planning and practicing with the engraver. My next step is to find the perfect font!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Cheesecloth Ghost

So I was on Pinterest one day and came across these...

 So after looking them up I realized they were in fact a Martha Stewart creation. Say what you want about Martha but she's done time...she's fairly bad ***. So I thought this would be a perfect addition to my upstairs window and may help me cover up the huge fish tank I have in my foyer. The instructions were fairly easy. Apply 4 layers of cheesecloth with fabric stiffener or watered down white school glue, let dry, and remove head.

I started my quest for materials on eBay. I got 20 yards of white cheese cloth ($24 CAD) and a Styrofoam mannequin head ($6 CAD). I bought a gallon of white school glue at home Hardware for $8, mainly because my Dad works there and I got his discount. It was normally $18. I got a latex paint brush, which cost my husband $7. Because he is nice and buys me stuff like that. Now because I had a brainwave halfway through getting my supplies I also bought fabric whitener from Wal mart. I thought it would look extra cool if I put my ghosts under black lighting. Finding the fixtures and bulbs is another story :S

 So I cut four 5' sections of the cloth. Draped the first layer over and brushed on the glue. It went on fairly easily and was very easy. Make sure to get the brush right into the detail though.

 I applied 4 layers in the same way. No need to dry in between layers. And I criss crossed applying the fabric so it had a pointed kind of appearance at the bottom.

 I tied a piece of yarn around the bottom to maintain of the detail from the chin and the sides of the head. Which turned out to be a mistake. As it dried the glue/water mixture soaked down the cloth and got about 5 inches wet below the chin line where I brushed it on. So now it has a funny line where the string was tied.

 I let it dry overnight. This morning I tried to remove the mannequin from the cloth....not gonna happen. The glue has completely adhered to the Styrofoam. The best solution I can come up for this is to possibly coat the head in Vaseline prior to applying the glue mixture. In the grand scheme of things I am willing to let the mannequin head go, and ordered 2 new ones off eBay to use for my window displays. I ordered male form heads this time as I think the features are more prominent and will be easier to see from the upstairs windows.

Now the next part of the process is to get a hold of some black lights. I have never used them before and after some research I have decided to buy fluorescent fixtures and the 4' bulbs. My dad is pricing out the fixtures as we speak and I am on the hunt for some tubes. I will post new pics after I obtain these materials and find out how my ghosts glow!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well I've bought some of what I need....

Ok folks! I've got some messages from folks looking to see a new post so here I am. What have I got in store for 2013 you ask? Well first things first I am cooking a baby. Yup, that's right. Elm St Girl is 11 weeks pregnant. Our little pumpkin is due on October 11th. Now while most people would go "Oh that's awesome!" all of my home haunter's out there know that the timeline is kind of daunting. I will be setting up the haunt with a newborn. Not so easy. 

But it also gives me some downtime to be able to prepare what I have in mind. First things first. I have purchased a large amount of cheesecloth off ebay at a crazy good price to create...

They are a Martha creation. But I think I have a few different ideas. First off I am going to get some Rit whitener and make them glow. I also have a plan to somehow black out the eyes to add an extra creepy effect. I have decided to make 3. One for each of my upstairs windows and one for the corner of our haunted foyer. 

Stay tuned for more ideas for 2013. Including, planning and building a Victorian obelisk, and creating a cauldron creep.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Elm St Changes

Lots of changes on Elm St...

First off. I am going to link up some pics from Halloween 2012. Here! So click that to see some of our display.

Secondly, I'm pregnant. Yup! having an October baby no less. It's still really early and we haven't told a lot of folks so I guess you guys are the first-ish to know. I am planning on going on maternity leave sometime in the summer so I can spend some time with my kids and start work on my props. This year my dad has become very involved and wants to start building a cauldron prop. So I will have details of that to add later. 

We have started to become crazy coupon people and are delving into homesteading a little bit. So saving money has become really important to us lately. This year I want to make 2 new stones and I had plans on a cemetery fence. But the more I think about it, the more it probably will not work with my display. So I am thinking of putting more time and energy into my lighting display and how to create our Hallowindow in a bigger way.

Looking forward to sharing 2013 with you guys!